Where is the HAMC Malta Clubhouse?

If you need to ask the question....Although the location of our clubhouse is no secret we do not disclose the location over the web. You need

to mingle in the right places and you will see us around. It's OK to approach a member and present yourself to us...we don't bite!

What is  "The Hot Rock Crew"?

More than anything "The Hot Rock Crew" is a form of alias referring to us. That said, this is no way an official calling card. You should not refer to us in such a

manner. We are HAMC Malta.

Are you a Motorcycle gang?

It is extremely offensive to refer to us as a "gang" implying that we are some form of criminal organisation. We are a Motorcycle Club which stretches

all over the world and are in no shape or form associated with any criminal acitivity and do not take any such insinuations lightly. We are a Motorcycle Club

Club consisting of members who have a passion for motorcycles and riding.

For more FAQs may we also suggest that you refer to the Hells Angels MC Official Website: http://affa.hells-angels.com/faq/